Blast Activity

In the activity we did we were given a DNA sequence and had to figure out what protein it was used to create. The protein that my DNA sequence ended up coding for is called BRCA. I figured this out by taking my DNA sequence and transcribing it into the complementary mRNA. Once I did that I was able to determine the codons and then used them to translate and find the amino acids that would make up my protein. My one-letter abbreviation for my amino acid was MPIGSKERPTFFEIF, which when typed into the Blast application, coded for BRCA2 protein.

BRCA2 or Breast Cancer Type 2 Susceptibility Protein is caused by a mutation of the 13th chromosome. The protein that BRCA makes belongs to the tumor suppressant protein family. These types of proteins repair DNA mistakes during cell division. Without them the mistakes made would cause some type of problem with our genetic code. Maybe there are too many chromosome in the cell or a part of the chromosome did not get put back together right. The tumor suppressant proteins would prevent these mistakes from happing. With out this protein the body is not able to correct the mistakes, causing genetic instability. BRCA takes care of Breast and ovarian cells and without the protein, cancerous tumors form, causing cancer.

BRCA mutation is hereditary but only thought to cause only 10% or breast cancer cases. But for those who have the mutated gene the risk for developing the cancer has increased from only about 12% to between 70-80%.


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